Visitor’s Day has come and gone. Camp was lucky to host two groups of visitors over the weekend. It was a busy weekend of boats, barges, and even a couple seaplanes! Our Saturday visitors were able to experience some of our Anchor Day activities including Musicale and Open Activities. The Sunday Visitors were present for a great day of Nor’wester program!


It was so nice to finally meet some of you this weekend. If you were one of our visitors, thank you for coming! We know all too well that getting to the islands takes a bit of time and multiple modes of transportation! We appreciate you spending some of your weekend time with us!




Visitor’s Day is a great time to see families together, but it’s also when we realize that we only have a few more days with our amazing First Session campers! We better make the most of our First Session camp days while we can!

Until next time,

Kathleen and the Nor’wester Team