_DSC1604Dear Families and Friends –

What an incredible arrival day. The campers are here, having arrived safe and sound from their long day’s journey to get to beautiful Johns Island. It truly was a perfect day, with sunny skies and a beautiful sunset to boot. The dining room was absolutely buzzing with energy, with 32 tables, rice krispie squares, and great music after dinner.

_MG_2096Kathleen, our Office Administrator (who made it possible for all of these campers to get here safe and sound!), Scott, our Photographer, and I will be updating you on the progression through the two/four weeks of this session. While we know that you would probably love to see photos and hear stories quite frequently, we will be striving to bring you some varied perspectives about two times a week. We believe in the power of independence and autonomy for the campers, posting less (than perhaps some other camps do) so that there is room for the unfolding and telling of stories long after the session has ended…and room for wonder, spontaneity and life-shaping moments.

_MG_2050We will be sure to include a variety of photos so that hopefully you can spot your camper and see that they are doing just fine. We’ll also be encouraging them to write some letters home. Remember that if you receive a note that they are missing home, it’s ok to call us and check-in and we’ll be happy to report on their well-being. Most times in those cases, the sadness or homesickness has been redirected and they will have made some connections in the three or four days since they wrote you. If that is not the case, we will have already touched base with you, most likely. 🙂

Enjoy these great shots from the day. We look forward to telling you about the activities and events throughout the session and sharing some of the Nor’wester magic! Thanks for trusting us with your children – it means the world to us to get to work and learn and grow together in such a fun and engaging place. We’ll take very good care of them…

In the Spirit of Camp,

Sheila Tallmon, Director