Dear Families and Friends,

We apologize for the delay in posting (due to some technical difficulties) – now we are all set to bring you up to speed!

Camp is flying by with full schedules of overnights, core activities, learning how to zip-tie a laundry bag, singing as many songs in the songbook as possible, laughing at silly campfire skits, contemplating deep thoughts at our weekly Chapel gathering, and much, much more.

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Our community thrives on the creativity that campers and staff bring each year – and no two years are ever the same, though threads of tradition weave through each year to bind us all to the bigger picture of Nor’wester. Recently we celebrated Island Fair Day, which is an eventful jam-packed day of pie making, boat building, booth creating, sign making, fun-running, watermelon eating, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and of course, carnival-going. The following pictures represent only a sampling of the day. We were blessed with beautiful weather, which gave us great opportunity to plunge into the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest!

_DSC2719 _DSC2751 _DSC2805_DSC2944_DSC2829_DSC2883_DSC3044_DSC3052_DSC3065_DSC3078_DSC2987Big Trips are safely off on their 5-day adventures starting today, so we hope to get you some shots of that when they return. In the meantime, watch for a post coming very soon on the Archers and Explorers as well as a snapshot into what we call ‘Small Camp’.

Happiest of Days –

The Nor’wester Team