Dear Parents, Families and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already passed and that we had to say goodbye to our dear Archers and Explorers this morning! What a treat each of these units were to our larger community! Their dynamic personalities along with their very vibrant energy made for a lot of good stories during our staff meetings. 🙂


The Archers and Explorers were honored at the Farewell Campfire last Saturday night, given various awards at Musicale (like the Silver Spoon and Golden Spatula), earned awards in archery, received their official pin for this summer, and of course were honored by the whole lodge with a standing ovation for being the greatest kids ever. One of the highlights of their time at camp was getting to spend time with their Troubadour/Mountaineer buddies. This allows for some special one-on-one time with a ‘cool’ older camper and also gives leadership experience to our oldest campers. A win-win, for sure.

_DSC2617As always, we are truly grateful for the trust that you give us in taking care of these young campers. They have made us laugh, entertained us from all angles, challenged us, surprised us…and most of all…they kept our hearts young and our spirits soaring. We look forward to future years with them here at Nor’wester.

In the Full Spirit of Camp,

Sheila and the Nor’wester Team