Although it may be years since you were a camper or staff, does one tune from the songbook send you right back like it was yesterday? Do you yearn to feel the exhilaration and excitement of being part of the Nor’wester community again? Perhaps you visited camp only last summer, as a volunteer at a work weekend, but you just can’t get enough. Whatever your story, we love hearing from and spending time with alumni. Stay in touch with the Nor’wester community by attending or participating in one of the following opportunities. Thanks for your support – we look forward to seeing you on Johns or elsewhere to rekindle the Nor’wester spirit.

Annual Nor’wester Events

Winter Gathering in Seattle

Join us in mid-December for our annual Alumni Holiday Party. Recent staff and many alumni mark their calendars for this event every year! This year we will be gathering on:

Thursday evening, December 15th following the Movie Show at SIFF Film Center:
Agave Cocina, 100 Republican St #100, Seattle, WA 98109

Camp will provide appetizers for everyone – additional food and drinks are up to you. Join us!

Annual Movie Tour

Attend one of our Movie Shows in a city near you! Watch the 2016 Summer movie and reconnect with other alumni and friends of camp. This fall, we’ll visit Seattle, Portland, Bend, Ashland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bainbridge Island, Vancouver BC, Lopez Island and San Juan Island. In January we’ve planned to visit Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Boulder as well.

More about the Annual Movie Tour

Work Weekends

WW 1Volunteer work party weekends are held each year once a month in the spring, April through June, and are essential in helping to get our site ready for summer. In general, we gather Friday night on Johns Island, and discuss plans for the next day. Saturday will be spent working on whatever projects have been chosen for that weekend. Depending on everyone’s schedule, some work may also be done Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

WW 2Housing is provided and meals are covered Friday night through Sunday lunch. Evenings are often spent touring the site, or singing camp songs around the fire in the Lodge, reconnecting with past alumni all the while.
We had a blast during these events last year. A lot of work was accomplished and everyone had a great time, sharing stories and memories. We work on site and program projects, including skinning tipi poles, tipi pitching, clearing units, and generally getting our site ready for the summer.

WW 3Please join us this year:

  • April 21-23, 2017
  • May 12-14, 2017
  • June 2-4, 2017

WW 4If you are interested in participating in one of these weekends, please contact Assistant Director Jill Steigerwald at She will provide more detailed information such as ferry schedule, directions, what to bring, etc. We can take up to roughly 24 volunteers per weekend.

Summer Volunteering

Each summer, a handful of volunteers come to camp during our summer sessions to chip in with ongoing projects or help support a program area. We greatly appreciate the time and effort volunteers are willing to give – many projects at camp just wouldn’t happen without volunteer support.

In the summer, we can accommodate volunteers at camp for a minimum of four days – that means arriving on Day 1 and departing sometime on Day 4. We have lodging available starting one week after each session begins. Please contact us for specific date options. Please understand that we get several requests each summer and are not always able to accommodate everyone.

Volunteer 1You must be willing to get your hands dirty! Volunteers are assigned to projects during the morning and afternoon “activity” sessions each day you’re at camp. You’re invited to meals in the lodge and to participate in any evening activity that might be happening – dances, skits, capture the flag – or just a walk around the property to enjoy the sunset. We also invite you to join us for Chapel or Musical if you’re at camp on an anchor day.

Contact Assistant Director Jill Steigerwald at to inquire about this summer!