Day in the Life 1Daily Schedule & Flow

At camp, we run on a pretty set schedule: Wake-up times, meals and curfew times are communicated throughout the property by one of kitchen staff ringing our trusty bell. You’ll learn the rings once you get here, but we start with a Wake-Up Bell at 7:20am. For the next half hour, we all get out of bed, get dressed and get ready for the day. At 7:40am, the Jumper Bell rings to let those campers who are assigned to set the table that day know they should head to the lodge to get started. The rest of the unit travels to the Lodge in time for 8:00am breakfast.

Day in the Life 2After breakfast and announcements, campers return to their tipis for 30-45 minutes of tidying and down time. It’s really important to keep our tipis clean, and this time allows for a solid effort to be made daily. There might be time to write a letter or play a game with your unit mates here too. Unit Staff will also remind campers which activities they have that day so everyone can be prepared. You wouldn’t want to get to the Waterfront without your swimsuit!

Day in the Life 3From 10:00am-noon are morning activities. Depending on the unit’s schedule, campers will travel to a location on property – the Ropes Course, Craftshop, Nature tipi or Craft Shop maybe – to dive into the activity as a group.

The next Jumper Bell will ring at 12:10pm, and lunch begins at 12:30pm. After singing and announcements, we have Rest Hour – a great time to write letters home, play a game of cards in your tipi or take a short nap.

At 2:30pm afternoon activities begin – this time maybe you’ll be Sailing, shooting at the Archery Range or roping up to climb on the Climbing Wall. Whatever your unit schedule – there is plenty of fun to be had. Then, the Jumper Bell rings again for dinner at 5:40pm.

Day in the Life 4We’ll sing again after dinner and then have announcements about evening activities or what’s going on the next day. Then units will split up to head to their activity for the evening – playing Capture the Flag, Soccer or Frisbee, or doing a special craft project like Watercolors or Nature Journaling. Or maybe it’s a Campfire Night, where units perform skits on the Campfire Stage to entertain the whole community.

The Curfew Bell rings at 9:50pm, as a reminder that all camper should be in their units or heading there shortly to get ready for bed. Lights out is at 11:00pm – better rest up for another fun and active day tomorrow!