A Canvas Home

Accomodations 1One of the best parts about camp is that we get to live in tipis and tents! Most of our 9-10 year-old campers get to live in the canvas tents which are on wooden platforms and house four campers each. The rest of us, campers and staff, live in three-person tipis. Living in a canvas home is a unique experience—you’ll learn how to make it comfortable, how to keep it tidy and how to keep it dry inside if it’s raining outside. Plus, you’ll make great new friends with your tent or tipi-mates!

Accomodations 2All campers will have their own bed frame, foam mattress and mattress cover. It’s up to you to bring your pillow, sleeping bag and maybe a light blanket for warmer nights.

Accomodations 3We all work to keep our living spaces tidy and safe – inspections happen at least once a week – and it’s an important life lesson to make a habit of tidying up your space daily, especially when you share that space with others.
Accomodations 4Typically, a Unit is made up of 4-5 camper tipis and two staff tipis. Each unit, whether in tents or tipis, has its own private space, somewhat separate from the other units. The tents and tipis in a unit generally form a circle, with all doors facing in towards the unit’s fire circle. The fire circle is a central space for gathering whether it’s to discuss or plan an upcoming unit activity or to roast s’mores together in the evenings.

Shower houses: A center for sustainability

Showerhouse 1Each side of camp has its own shower house. Water is heated daily by wood fires in the boilers, supervised by staff members only. Public and private showers are available. Each camper will have a cubby in their respective shower house to store their toiletries and hang their towels. Campers will visit the shower house at least twice a day in the morning and evenings. Shower times are supervised by staff but staff never shower at the same time as campers.

Showerhouse 2We practice water conservation at camp in an effort to minimize our consumption of resources and also to teach our community about sustainable practices that apply to life beyond camp. In addition, each unit gets to chip in and help take care of our facilities (approx. once a week) during “Shower house and Outhouse Joy”!

On the topic of outhouses, it’s important to know we do use them at camp, almost exclusively. We all work to keep them clean throughout the summer, and they are pumped regularly to maintain our waste. We have one outhouse near the lodge that actually uses composting technology to reduce the volume of waste. We think it’s pretty cool! OH Joy 1