Snail Mail  & Care Packages

Mail 1Our Campers LOVE to get snail mail! Letters and care packages from home are a cherished commodity at Nor’wester. If you’re a first time camper, letters from home can be especially helpful to remind you that you are missed and loved by your family and that they support you being at camp. Please share the following information with your parents and grandparents to help you have a great communication experience this summer.

We have one rule: No Food of Any Kind! Our “rustic” property is home to many kinds of animals – all of which enjoy snacking on any human food they can find. We cannot allow any food items to be stored in camper tipis, and food in our buildings, although kept safe in cupboards and sealed containers, are still very attractive to mice and insects. Further, we have dessert with dinner every day, and campers can purchase candy/food items once a week from Trader Horn, our camp store. So there’s really no need to send additional food items from home. *If a camper has specific dietary needs that require additional supply from home, please contact us before the session starts to work out a plan together. Visit our Food & Wellness page for more information about dietary needs.

Mailing Address for Letters & Packages

Camp Office Contact Info

The best way to correspond with us during the summer is through email at
In case of emergency, please call our summer cell phone at 360-472-1382.

Staying In Touch

10 Letter-Writing Tips For While Your Child Is At Camp!

by Cara Lutz of Camp Tannadoonah

Campers love to get letters! There is something special about a hand-written letter that sets it apart from digital communication. Since “snail mail” can take three to five days for delivery, preparation (send letters even before camp begins) and patience are necessary—but a hand-written letter is often kept for years. Take the time to write a letter; we think this is one of the most memorable parts of a camping experience.