Monthly Archives: July 2009

26 07, 2009

Settling In

July 26th, 2009|Second Session|

The bell calling everyone to Chapel has rung and Units have made their way to the north side of the property. We gathered there to reflect on the past week and the topic of “Self”; how we develop into an individual, who influences us, how we can change things about ourself.  To paraphrase an analogy presented by a thoughtful camper  ”We [...]

23 07, 2009

Hot Tamales!

July 23rd, 2009|Second Session|

All Second Session campers arrived on Johns late afternoon yesterday! Most were a bit fatigued by the heat -in the upper 90’s in Seattle-Anacortes pick up areas - a cool 88 degrees here on the island. But positive attitudes were maintained by all, along with their hydration status. Lots of H20 being distributed and consumed. [...]

21 07, 2009

Change Over

July 21st, 2009|News|

“Back in the day” campers from First Session walked off the ferry in Anacortes and passed Second Session campers as they boarded the ferry. It was an emotionally charged moment for everyone. In the mid 80’s a day in between sessions was added, and now, on Johns, we have a two-day break to allow everyone [...]

12 07, 2009

Slow the Circle Down

July 12th, 2009|First Session|

(From Judy Collins “Circle Game” - a Camp favorite) A few highlights from last week: The Pioneers thoroughly enjoyed their canoe overnight to Reed Harbor on Stuart Island.  They set up camp and went on the 7 mile hike to the Lighthouse where they watched porpoises off the west shore.  The Islanders hosted our Saturday night campfire, taking [...]

9 07, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Camp

July 9th, 2009|First Session|

Our Independence Day celebration was wonderful!  Although the weather was less than ideal it didn’t dampen the festivities.  The girls Units did a clean sweep - the Vagabond Unit won the Milk Carton Boat race and the Voyaguers won Best in Show for their Red, White and Blueberry pie. The second overnight of the session was Thursday and was [...]