Monthly Archives: July 2011

28 07, 2011

Session Two Is Underway

July 28th, 2011|Second Session|

Second session campers are on the property and they are busy.  Thirteen Units will visit 12 different departments/areas for Orientation Day.  I hesitate to say it, but it looks like summer today!  Good weather and soft off shore breezes help to make this 'getting to know departments" day a bit easier.  Campers will also visit [...]

28 07, 2011

Last Week Together

July 28th, 2011|First Session|

Let me start by saying that I thought I posted this blog on Sunday morning after the campers left us but I inadvertantly left it as a draft.  My apologies to those of you who were expecting to hear about our final week of first session. It has been a wonderful last week - weather [...]

18 07, 2011

Small Camp

July 18th, 2011|First Session|

With the older units away on their extended trips the middle units ruled the roost.  Foresters hosted a Sunday Chapel on the topic of Music.   Tuesday was Nell Robinson Day, a celebration of the woman who lived on Johns Island for many decades, raising children and sheep.  Campers signed up for 'special activities' in the morning, and [...]

10 07, 2011

A Busy Week

July 10th, 2011|First Session|

This has been our week: Fourth of July - a morning full of pie making, milk-carton boat building, and Carnival booth construction.  Incredibly the weather was beautiful from first light and only improved through the day (typically we start the 4th with grey skies and drizzle, occasionally enjoying clear skies by late afternoon).   Almost 30 [...]

4 07, 2011

Our First Week

July 4th, 2011|First Session|

We have just left the lodge after enjoying a wonderful Sunday mid-day meal, followed by the first Musicale of the summer.  As our Music Director said, "Musicale is like a talent show that everybody wins."  After every Sunday dinner, campers and staff perform in front of the camp community.  Today we were entertained by a solo [...]