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17 08, 2011

One Week Left? Holy Cow!

August 17th, 2011|Second Session|

So said a camper to me this morning.  We're all beginning to feel the approaching last day and we still have 6 go to.  Since I last wrote: Candidates for the Director position came to spend time on the property, along with members of the Transition Committee.  I apologize if you're wondering what this means.  [...]

10 08, 2011

Half Way

August 10th, 2011|Second Session|

It's funny how time works here on Johns Island.  A day can last a lifetime but now we're half way through the session and it seems like things are beginning to move at warp speed.   Someone made a comment the other day 'It's like being in Narnia.  You don't actually know how long you've been [...]

3 08, 2011

First Week Completed

August 3rd, 2011|Second Session|

It's hard to believe the campers arrived just a week ago.  Today units are going on their second overnight, all department areas are in full swing, olders campers have submitted their top choices for Big Trips and our youngest campers are talking about which activities they want to do more of before they leave. Highlights [...]