_DSC1906Hello Nor’wester Friends and Families,

5 days of camp have passed! We wanted to share some of the wonderful things that have happened since the campers arrived.

The Kitchen Staff hosted the opening campfire on Thursday Night. Their skit theme revolved around them attending a kitchen convention in Idaho and crash landing on a tropical island. The skit by the Troubadour unit got everyone up and moving in 80’s workout video style! There were lots of silly moments and giggles.


Campers are showing off their creativity in the Craftshop. There are no craft kits at Nor’wester. The campers are in the charge of their projects. Often they come to crafts with an idea and the craft instructors help them make that idea into a reality. Camp is a great place to try new ideas and learn new skills like woodcarving, knitting, and throwing clay on the wheel.

_DSC2023 _DSC2029

Sunday is our Anchor Day for 2nd Session. This is a day where we come together as a camp. It is a great day to recharge and reconnect with our community. The day starts with breakfast and unit clean up. The Chapel Bell rings mid-morning to signal that units should head to Chapel Rock (one of the many beautiful places on Johns Island) for Chapel. Chapel is a gathering, hosted by a different unit each week. The unit will pick a topic, like friendship, communication, honesty, or respect, and present it to the entire camp community. Songs, readings, small group activities help to guide our discussion and exploration of the chosen topic. This week’s chapel was hosted by the Troubadours with the important theme of Self-Love.

_DSC2178 _DSC2169Anchor Day continues with Sunday Dinner at Lunch time. We eat a big dinner and enjoy birthday cake for all of the birthdays that have happened over the previous week. Following Dinner is Musicale! Musicale is an opportunity for campers and staff to perform for the entire camp individually or in a group. Musicale performances can include musical performances, jokes, magic tricks, and storytelling.

After Musicale, we have announcements and then Open Activities! Open Activities are special activities that aren’t offered every day at Nor’wester like Ultimate Frisbee, Raptor Tag, and even Harry Potter Trivia. Anchor Day wraps up with the units going to Packout to pick up their Nosebag order for dinner. Nosebags are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (we make sure to have special dietary needs covered), fruit, string cheese, and Twix Bars. The unit will take their Nosebags to a spot on the island and spend some quality time together.

Tomorrow is another day at Nor’wester with activities happening at all of program areas.

2nd Session is just beginning! Lots of things will be happening at Camp over the next few days. Stay tuned for more updates!

Until next time,

Kathleen and the Nor’wester Team