Can you say “YES” to some of the following things?

Why Work 1

  • I like spending time with kids.
  • I enjoy beach fires, smoke and all.
  • I love cooking outdoors.
  • I can live without TV.
  • I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.
  • I know how to work hard.
  • I’m looking for new adventures and friendships.
  • I love a good campfire skit.
  • I can take pride in a good sandal tan.
  • I enjoy expansive vistas and natural settings.
  • I don’t mind getting dirty.
  • I’m not afraid to ask questions.
  • I love sleeping out under the stars and waking up to the sun warming my sleeping bag.
  • I’m willing to share my talents and strengths.
  • I can get into singing old sea shanties and folk songs.
  • I think living in a tipi would be cool.
  • I remember how great it felt, as an adolescent, to have a young adult listen to what I had to say and laugh at my jokes.
Then spending a summer at Camp Nor’wester on Johns Island should be your next summer job!

Why Work 2

What you can do for Camp

Working at a summer camp is hard work. The hours are long, most of your friends make more money doing other things, you give up significant control of your life (cooking, privacy, creature comforts, etc.) and working with kids will test your flexibility, patience, sense of humor and self-control. That being said, it can also be the most rewarding work you’ve done so far.

Why Work 3Living in our community means being part of a culture whose primary focus is on respect, responsibility and stewardship. Our home on Johns Island provides the ideal outdoor classroom where staff and campers become active members of a dynamic and supportive community. Deep and meaningful friendships develop when you live, play and work with a group of individuals over a period of time and we all contribute to this experience.

What Camp can do for you

Professionally – You will gain experience in the areas of leadership, communication, organization, teamwork, conflict resolution and community building. Pre-camp training sessions with various professionals will cover such topics as safety, emergency response, and working effectively with children.

Why Work 4Employers understand the demands of summer camp work and know that individuals with such background often possess many important attributes such as flexibility, initiative, creativity and a positive attitude.

Personally – You will meet people from all over the country and the world who share similar interests and ideals and have a desire to spend quality time with children. As a role model for young boys and girls who will look to you for acceptance and understanding you can have a significant impact on their self-esteem and confidence. You will test your personal limits and be surprised at what you are capable of doing.

International Staff Opportunities

Why Work 5Camp Nor’wester is always looking for qualified international staff because they can add a unique dimension to our summer program. Cultural exchange has been a focus of our philosophy since Frank Henderson founded camp in 1935. We typically hire 6-8 staff from outside the US each summer, and providing an opportunity for them to learn and grow from working with children in the US is important to our history and mission as well.

Please contact our Assistant Director Jill Steigerwald at to start the application process. If we determine that we have a position to offer you, we will work with an international staffing agency to help secure the visa that you will need to work in the United States. We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.