Monthly Archives: August 2010

19 08, 2010

Losing Track of Time

August 19th, 2010|Second Session|

My sincere apologies.  It seemed like a minute ago it was Sunday evening of visitors weekend and I was drafting a blog entry in my ming and suddenly it’s Thursday morning!  This last week is known for its warp speed and I’m afraid I got caught up in it.  When you suddenly see the end [...]

8 08, 2010

Early Goodbyes

August 8th, 2010|Second Session|

Today marks the midway point of second session.  The lodge is beginning to resonate with comments like “Really, the little campers are leaving tomorrow?” and “I can’t believe that Big Trips leave in the morning!”.  Both these events serve as session mile stones – once the youngest campers head home and the oldest campers leave [...]

1 08, 2010

Getting Settled In

August 1st, 2010|Second Session|

Today is Sunday, a unique day in the Nor’wester week.  Breakfast will be served at a relaxed 8:30AM rather than 8:00AM.   After breakfast units will return to their personal piece of real estate to hang-out and clean up for their weekly inspection that will happen this afternoon.  There is time set aside every morning [...]